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Moonstone Garden

Gold Intention Box

Gold Intention Box

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A gold gift tin used to set intentions.  Each gold tin comes with a hand sewn dream pillow in organic cotton, with an exterior pocket.  The pillows are filled with intentional herbs and flowers, and a large gemstone ally is provided to store in the pocket. Also included is an aromatic spray, a container of cascarilla, and an herbal smudge stick.

💪🏽 Courage + Boundaries:  fluorite; basil + yarrow pillow; Ethereal Essence florida water; mugwort smudge stick; cascarilla

🌖 Prophetic Dreams:  moonstone; mugwort + yarrow pillow; Ethereal Essence florida water; cascarilla; mugwort + yarrow smudge stick

💐 Ward Off Nightmares:  amethyst; thyme + yarrow pillow; Celestial Essence kananga water; cascarilla; yarrow smudge stick

💥 Protection:  amethyst; thyme + yarrow pillow; Celestial Essence kananga water; cascarilla; yarrow smudge stick

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