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Lemon Cuticle Oil

Lemon Cuticle Oil

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💅💦 Lemon Cuticle Oil: Get ready to say goodbye to dry cuticles! Our Jojoba-based oil is your skin's BFF, absorbing quickly to soften and treat those pesky dry spots. 🍋 Lemon and Tea Tree essential oils bring their A-game with antiseptic and anti-fungal powers, making this oil a cuticle-care champ! 🌿

How to Use: Massage a drop into each nail bed every night for magic at your fingertips. Swipe on some extra when you're saying adieu to old nail polish. 🌟

Ingredients:  Organic Jojoba Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, and Tea Tree Essential Oil. 🌼 

.5oz in glass bottle with applicator brush

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