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rose of jericho "resurrection plant"

rose of jericho "resurrection plant"

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This gorgeous and unique plant is also known as the "dinosaur plant", as it has been on the earth longer than anything else.  Classified somewhere between a moss and a fern, rose of Jericho can lie dormant for decades, reviving again when introduced to water.  Many cultures view this resurrection as a spiritual process, and use the plant to enhance and support their rituals.

Rose of Jericho is said to bring peace, prosperity, and abundance to the holder

Contents:  1 rose of jericho plant (selaginella lepidophylla)


You can leave your plant in a ball until you are ready to for it to bloom.  When ready to awaken it, place it in a shallow dish of room temperature water ensuring its roots are fully submerged.  Allow it to rest and bloom over the next 4-48 hours.  Remove from water every 5-7 days and allow to dry, then you can repeat the process again.  Do not soak this plant or put it in the soil.  Too much water can cause it to rot.

Please note: it is normal for some areas of the plant to be green and some to be brown.

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